Pactur is a Nord, and the overseer of Rockwallow Mine, which is east of Morthal.


He and his wife Sorli the Builder are the bosses of Stonehills, the small settlement where the Rockwallow miners reside.

Unlike the miners, who sleep in tents, Pactur lives in a cottage with his wife and their son, Sirgar.


He gives the Dragonborn a miscellaneous quest to go speak with Bryling, the owner of Rockwallow Mine.

If Hjaalmarch is taken over by the Stormcloaks, and Sorli becomes the Jarl, Pactur was supposed to serve as her steward. He will still give the dialogue to evidence this, but due to a glitch, he will often stay in Stonehills instead of relocating to Highmoon Hall with Sorli.

Pactur may attend the Dragonborn's wedding ceremony without him previously being interacted with.