Padomaic is the term for any being or force that embodies the more chaotic or change-inspiring energy called Padomay. This is in contrast to forces that embody Anu, the energy of order, which are called Anuic.

Padomay is the quintessential form of change. One of the two primal forces, the other being Anu. Modern gods with a Padomaic bias include most Daedric Princes, and Lorkhan. Padomaic deities are often considered to be "evil" compared to the "good" anuic deities. Terms like "good" and "evil", however, can't fully describe Aedra and Daedra, since they don't have a morality like mortals have. The best way to describe the difference between "padomaic" and "anuic" is that they are the opposite of each other, but also linked.