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Paid in Full is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. Glover Mallory's formula for creating bonemold armor was taken by Esmond Tyne, and he wants it back.


The Dragonborn must have completed "Taking Care of Business", received the Thieves Guild armor from Tonilia and talked to both Delvin and Vex before this quest will start.


Glover Mallory says that Esmond Tyne took his formula for bonemold and has not yet returned it. He gives the quest to recover the formula. Esmond was last seen in the Castle Karstaag Caverns.

Upon entering the caverns, the path proceeds west next to a small stream. It then turns left (south), where the floor ends and ice-filled water begins. There are several rieklings present in the area. On the left (east) side is an ice shelf with the corpse of Esmond Tyne. It can be looted for the Bonemold Formula. Reading the note grants the ability to forge Improved Bonemold Armor at a forge.

Upon returning to Glover Mallory, he will give the Dragonborn the key to his house, which grants access to the Blackguard's Armor set.

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