Palace Guards are Imperials found in and around the Imperial City Palace in the Imperial City. Each guard is equipped with Imperial Watch Armor and generally wears the less extravagant Imperial Watch Cuirass more than the Imperial Palace Cuirass.


Location Level Base ID Location Level Base ID
Light the Dragonfires dead guard 1 0004892E Light the Dragonfires live guard PC+5 000C89E0
Green Emperor Way 01 PC+10 0004A2BF Green Emperor Way 02 PC+10 000C7619
Post 01 day PC+10 0010D759 Post 01 night PC+10 00115DF9
Post 02 day PC+10 00115DF6 Post 02 night PC+10 00115DFA
Post 03 day PC+10 00115DFB Post 03 night PC+10 00115DFC
Post 04 day PC+10 00115DFD Post 04 night PC+10 00115DFE
Patrol 01 day PC+10 00115DF7 Patrol 01 night PC+10 00115DF8
The Ultimate Heist top floor PC+5 00181D1E The Ultimate Heist 00 PC+7 000666FF
The Ultimate Heist 01 PC+7 000666E7 The Ultimate Heist 02 PC+7 000666E9
The Ultimate Heist 03 PC+7 000666EB The Ultimate Heist 04 PC+10 000666EC
The Ultimate Heist 05 PC+7 0006653F The Ultimate Heist 06 PC+7 0006653D
Crypt patrol PC+10 0006E629 Crypt post PC+10 0006E632