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Main article: Vivec City

The Palace of Vivec is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is one of the cantons in Vivec City. It is the home of the mortal form of the god-hero Lord Vivec, the warrior poet. One of the three deities of the Tribunal. The Palace is located at the southern end of Vivec City. Vivec spends his time here overseeing the Tribunal Temple, keeping a watchful eye on the people of Morrowind. Vivec only grants audiences to a very select few visitors.

Shrine of GenerosityEdit

Main article: Shrines (Morrowind)

The Shrine of Generosity can be found atop the steps of the Palace of Vivec. If a donation of 100 GoldIcon is made at the shrine, one receives the Palace Blessings: Fortify Mercantile and Fortify Luck, 10 points for 48 minutes.



Main QuestEdit

Hortator and NerevarineEdit

Having been named Redoran Hortator, Athyn Sarethi gives the Nerevarine a sealed message from the Archcanon in Vivec. The message tells the Nerevarine that, should they be declared the Hortator by the Great Houses and the Nerevarine of the four Ashlander Tribes, they must travel to Vivec to speak with the Archcanon. In order to speak to him, the Nerevarine must fulfill the request within the message (which will also fulfill the Fourth and Fifth Trials of the Seven Visions).

Yagrum Bagarn and WraithguardEdit

The Nerevarine must go to the Palace of Vivec in Vivec City and instead of acquiring Wraithguard as a gift from Vivec, they must instead kill him and retrieve the Unique Dwemer Artifact from Vivec's Corpse.

Tribunal TempleEdit

Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

The Nerevarine must complete the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces in order to obtain further quests from the Tribunal Temple. The quest can be obtained simply by reading a copy of The Pilgrim's Path, which can be found across Vvardenfell or from any Tribunal Temple quest giver (such as Endryn Llethan). Once started, the Nerevarine may visit the shrines in any order, which will be marked on the Nerevarine's map.


The following books can be found at the back of the palace:



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