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Palansour is a cave located southeast of Ald Velothi, in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell. It is inhabited by hostile scamps and an ogrim, which were summoned by Inwold. The sorcerer lost control of his summons, which caused the death of his comrades and his incarceration by the creatures.


  • A dead smuggler outside and a few more inside
  • Inwold

Notable itemsEdit


The Sad SorcererEdit

Upon killing the creatures inside and reaching the cell where Inwold is through levitation, the Nerevarine is asked to give the sorcerer a Rising Force Potion so he can escape. The cave contains a few potions of levitations which will suffice. After giving Inwold the potion, the Nerevarine can choose to receive the Colovian Fur Helm and Extravagant Skirt that Inwold is wearing, or decline the clothing and receive one point of reputation instead.


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