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For other uses, see Pale Lady.

The Pale Lady is a unique named wispmother who is encountered within Frostmere Crypt during the quest "The Pale Lady." The eponymous weapon The Pale Blade is named after her. She is the main antagonist of the quest "The Pale Lady."


  • The Pale Lady is able to turn the wisps that surround her into look-alike versions of herself, which are called Shades. These Shades can spawn even if her wisps have already been killed, and use a frost attack that will drain stamina and cause slow movement.
  • A Word of Power of the Ice Form shout is located in the same area of Frostmere Crypt where she resides.
  • The existence of The Pale Lady is referenced in several in-game books, such as Lost Legends. This same book also claims that The Pale Lady's name is "Aumriel", a mysterious figure which the heirs of Ysgramor battled for decades before finally sealing her away.
  • The Pale Lady may also be a nod toward the vampiress found at Castle Skingrad in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


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