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Not to be confused with Peragon.

Paragons are magical egg-shaped items found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


Each Paragon can be found on a Frost Giant in the Forgotten Vale.

  • The Amethyst Paragon can be found on a Frost Giant in the Forgotten Vale. Head towards the northernmost tip of the lake - on the site opposite to the steep path will be a clearing. The Giant can be found here.
  • To obtain the Sapphire Paragon, teleport to the Wayshrine of Resolution, head east, and kill the Frost Giant across the river from the Paragon Platform. Walking up the steep path from the Amethyst Giant should also get you there.
  • The Ruby Paragon is looted from a Frost Giant in a subchamber of the Inner Sanctum. The Initiate's Ewer, acquired through the quest, "Touching the Sky", is required to gain access to the chamber by being placed on a special altar.
  • The Emerald Paragon can be found on a Frost Giant high in the mountains behind a Falmer camp that is northwest of the Wayshrine of Resolution and east of the entrances to Sharpslope Cave.
  • The Diamond Paragon can be found on the Frost Giant at Forgotten Vale. Travel through the Glacial Crevice and take the first left immediately after exiting Glacial Crevice and continuing up to the Frost Giant. 

Paragon PlatformEdit

Near the frost giant which gives the Sapphire Paragon, a Paragon Platform is found. It is composed of two columns and a Paragon Socket. When at least one Paragon is obtained, they can be inserted into the Socket. A portal then appears between the two columns.


Each Paragon teleports the Dragonborn and any followers into somewhere else in the Vale, where Elven weaponry and armor, jewelry, chests, magic scrolls, one of the Unknown Books and, when using the Ruby Paragon, Auriel's Shield can be found on a Falmer.


There are five sorts of Paragon, each made of a precious stone: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst and Diamond. They act as keys to locations that are normally impossible to reach without the Paragon Portal.

Name WeightIcon GoldIcon Portal leads to
Amethyst Paragon 0.3 360 Darkfall Grotto
Ruby Paragon 0.3 700 Forgotten Vale Forest
Sapphire Paragon 0.3 1000 Inner Sanctum*
Emerald Paragon 0.3 1500 Forgotten Vale Overlook
Diamond Paragon 0.3 2000 Glacial Crevice
  • Note: The Sapphire Paragon opens a portal to a hidden room inside the Inner Sanctum. This room is only accessable via the Paragon itself. Upon exiting the portal, a small room is entered, containing three chests with various gems and gold. In front of the middle chest is a leveled enchanted weapon. Scattered on the floor surrounding the chests are many gems of different types.




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