Paratus Decimius is an Imperial Mage and a member of the Synod, operating at the Dwemer Ruins of Mzulft. He is the last surviving member of the Synod expedition to Mzulft regarding information about the oculory and ironically the leader of the expedition.


Revealing the UnseenEdit

He is part of the quest "Revealing the Unseen," in which the Dragonborn brings the focusing crystal that his counterpart Gavros Plinius had lost. He is found barricaded in the oculory by himself. He wants the crystal focused in the Oculory in Mzulft's Aedrome; after the Dragonborn completes this task for him, he loses his essential status after a brief exposition. There is no penalty for killing him. After the quest is completed, if not killed, a large amount of Synod mages will appear in Winterhold during a random encounter to claim the Eye of Magnus. After this, his character will disappear, as he likely returned to Cyrodiil as he planned to do, or was killed at some point during the random encounter.


  • His first name, Paratus (meaning prepared in Latin), is an ironic nod at the unpreparedness of The Synod's mages in dealing with the differing climate of Skyrim and the focusing crystal.