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[The letters are badly burned, but some words can still be read.]

(first page)
... been from thee too long, my heart doth ...

(second page)
... you loveth my lips, but forget the words they breath ...

(third page)
... she doth suspect you cuckold her ... and I worship and adore all parts of thee
but thy hollow crown and thy hollow wedding ring, those two empty circles that trap and
bring thee pain ... an I be so vain to be Lysandus' Medora evermore ... body and sip nectar
from thy hand ... love m ... forever ...

(fourth page)
...rcs. But they did assume the worse of the settlement, even after all the stallion orcs had been killed and the stro ... (for mare orcs are seldom weaker than stallion orcs in an
... only old and sick remained in the rude cam ... who could speak base Cyrodil ... ied and
begged for mercy for the children, but Prince Klaius said that the children would grow strong
and hearty and and [sic] [Do not change this to and. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] only an unwise leader would show mercy to the subhumans. He gave his
men leave to make sport with killing the children, and they were all murdered in ways that I
cannot pen. I witnessed it, my lady, and though I beg your pardon, your father did great evil th
... the shame of mine that I didn't say no ... shame to all ...

(fifth page)
...shall abandon mine responsibilities. You and... together. The rest of the world
be damned. Let me put this...Betony behind. I shall crush them at Cryngaine. During...dead.
No one will suspect that a king would give up...