Pariah Abbey is a town in The Elder Scrolls Online, and is located in the region of Stormhaven, High Rock. The temple serves as home to the Spirit Wardens, worshippers of the Daedric Prince Azura, allowed to exist in the heart of High Rock only due to the usual neutrality of the deity. Beyond that, they also contribute with charitable work and are enemies of the Supernal Dreamers, who worship Vaermina and posed as a threat to the Wardens and Stormhaven for a long time, specially in the Second Era when they tried to dominate the region. During that period, the Abbey was attacked by the Midnight Union, usually recongized as allies, but tangled into a plot to stole the Dream Shard.


Fire in the FieldsEdit

The Midnight Union had set the Pariah Abbey's fields aflame. Put the fires out

Injured Spirit WardensEdit

Heal spirit Wardens for Falice Menoit.

Azura's GuardianEdit

Help Azura's followers find Abbot Durak and rescue him.

A Prison of SleepEdit

Pursuing the ShardEdit


Notable itemsEdit


After Durak Wakes Up: