Party Planning is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Rigurt the Brash has been named Master of Ceremonies for the celebration of King Jorunn's anniversary. Rigurt has many organizational duties to attend to and needs a little help.

Rigurt has asked the Vestige to pick up the order of pickled fish from Lower Yorgrim, the shipment of mead from Voljar's Meadery, and his very important Dunmer cultural garb from his missing assistant who should be near the Windhelm Bank.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Recover Dunmer Cultural Garb.
  2. Collect Pickled Fish from Lower Yorgrim.
  3. Collect Mead from Voljar's Meadery.
  4. Bring party items to Rigurt.
  5. Meet Rigurt near the docks.
  6. Greet the Pact Dignitaries.
  7. Talk to Rigurt.


Cultural GarbEdit

Intimidate can be used on Del Seth. However, the garb can otherwise be found in the haystack behind Del Seleth - located in a small building behind Windhelm Bank (if you lose/destroy the Dunmer Cultural Garb, you can get another from here)