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Patches (Online)/Patch 1.0.5

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The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.5 features content fixes, focusing primarily on quest issues and blockers.


Combat & GameplayEdit


  • Fixed an issue where curing Vampirism or Lycanthropy was yielding more frequent experience and gold gain than was intended.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • You now need to wait several minutes after looting a delve or overworld boss before you are eligible to receive loot from these types of bosses again.



Fixed an issue where it was possible for you to be teleported off the map.


Main QuestEdit


Alik'r DesertEdit


  • Sever All Ties: The event with High Kinlady Estre will no longer break if you kill her as soon as she spawns.

Bal FoyenEdit

  • Breaking the Tide: Adjusted the event where you need to defend Sergeant Seyne. The event will now be much more tolerant of lots of players in the location, and be less confusing overall.



  • The Final Assault: Gabrielle will now always be willing to talk to you when on the quest step "Find a Path Through the Statue Room."
  • A Graveyard of Ships: Protecting the first mate event will now properly complete, unblocking the quest.
  • Holes in the World: Mezha no longer ignores you if you enter combat and then exit while being on the step to talk to him.
  • Hall of Judgment: Monsters getting stuck will no longer break the quest step "Defend the Mages."






  • Frighten the Fearsome: The northeastern seed mound will now always appear when you are on the correct quest step.

Malabal TorEdit

Reaper's MarchEdit




  • Fire in the Fields: All fires now count towards quest completion, and should be much easier to extinguish.
    • Known Issue: The water effects are missing when you use the bucket. This will be fixed in a future patch.

The RiftEdit



  • Revised the error message in the guild bank that appears when you attempt to drag and drop items to stack them.

Edited NotesEdit

(Edited by Zenimax Staff, on Forum)

  • We have a couple edits to these patch notes, which the original post will reflect.
  • We have removed the Alliance War note stating that we had fixed an issue where you could occasionally have characters of different factions in the same campaign. This was published in error, and is something that will be available in a future patch.
  • We have also added the following patch note to the Exploration & Itemization category:
  • You now need to wait several minutes after looting a delve or overworld boss before you are eligible to receive loot from these types of bosses again.

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