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Path of Darkness is a Nightblade active skill in the Shadow skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Enemy targets in front of the player take 1 Magic Damage every second for 10 seconds. Paths may only be seen by player and increases movement speed 50% for duration.


  • Unlocked at Shadow rank 20.


Twisting PathEdit

  • [?]
  • U6: Increased the damage of this ability by 33%.[1]

Refreshing PathEdit

  • [?]
  • U2: This ability will now heal your allies, and the healing done has been slightly increased.[2]
  • U6: Increased the heal amount of this ability by 33%. [1]


  • U2: This ability can now be seen by all other player characters. Also fixed an issue where it was ticking more times than intended on a target.[2]
  • U4: As of Update 4, this ability no longer removes the Nightblade active skill, Shadow Cloak[3]
  • U6: Reduced the initial cost of this ability by approximately 10%.[1]
  • U6: Increased the damage from each tick by 50%. This ability also provides the Major Expedition buff while inside the area of effect. [1]



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