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For other uses, see Blue Palace.

Pelagius Wing is a Test Cell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Walkthrough Edit

Once gaining access to the wing, you need to head through the door (to the left of the entrance). The first room seems like it was once a tavern or private inn of some sort. It has obviously been unattended to for a long time, judging by the cobwebs and the old tables. Head left from the entrance into a small room with more alcohol and stacked tables and chairs. Head up the stairs onto a small landing with an old and withered tree. Head to the right into another tavern-like room filled with cobwebs. Head straight into a hallway with a red and gold (Solitude's colours) carpet lining the floor. Once you start going down the carpet, you will be transported into the mind of Emperor Pelagius III.



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