"I'm only askin' for enough to feed me kids."
―Penniless Olvus[src]

Penniless Olvus quote

Penniless Olvus is an Imperial commoner living the hard life as a beggar in Anvil. His bedroll and food sack can be found on the east side of the Main Gate.


Finding the Thieves GuildEdit

The Hero needs to ask one of the beggars in Cyrodiil, in order to learn about the Gray Fox.

Taking Care of LexEdit

The Hero needs to ask one of the beggars about the Castle of Anvil.


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  • The common voice problem can be a glitch with this character, as speaking with him initially, he will appear to have a croaky voice, seeming as if it were breaking, but upon asking him about rumors, he will have a normal character (for his race) voice.