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Pentamagic Loop

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Pentamagic Loop
Gold Emerald Ring 1
Weight 0.1 WeightIcon
Value 2640 GoldIcon
Class Ring
Enchantment Fortify Skill: Conjuration 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Destruction 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Mysticism 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Restoration 5 pts
FormID xx005e36

The Pentamagic Loop is an enchanted ring obtained from a jewelry box at Frostcrag Spire after fully furnishing the tower.


As with the rest of the items and equipment in Frostcrag Spire, the Pentamagic Loop is very useful for mage characters.


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