Percussive Ranching is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Drelden Orn lost most of his kwama in a mine collapse, and has asked the Vestige with helping to round up the survivors and convincing them to return home.


Drelden Orn lost most of his kwama in a mine collapse. He asked me to help round up the survivors and convince them to return home.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Use Drelden's Whistle on the kwama (6)
  2. Talk to Drelden Orn at his Mine

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Drelden Orn can be found hiding in the fountain located towards the center of Senie. Speaking to him will reveal that because of the Ash Mountain's eruption his mine collapsed and his kwama run away. He asks you to help him lead the surviving kwama back to the mine.

"Um, your pardon. Have you seen any kwama around? Maybe west of the town? If you do, I don't suppose you could lead them to my mine, could you?"

You're looking for kwama? "Um, yes. When the volcano erupted, my workers got frightened and fled. Now they're attacking anyone who wanders too close. They're usually timid., so a good beating should calm them down."
Why aren't you gathering them? "Me? Look at me. I'm hurt. Just beat them a little then blow this whistle. They're trained to return to the mine."
Very well. Give me the whistle. "Remember, subdue, then use the whistle. If you don't, they'll just start fighting again. I'll be at my mine, west of town. I've got to salvage what I can."

Drelden will hand over his whistle to help with gathering the kwama. Head to the west of the town, where the hostile kwama can be found. Damage one enough until it becomes stunned and briefly make it friendlier. After that, an option to use Drelden's whistle will show up that will order it to return home. Note that if you have any active combat pets summoned, you will not get the option to blow the whistle.

After blowing the whistle for six of the creatures, return to Drelden who will be waiting outside what used to be his mine's entrance along with his kwama. He will be elated about the return of his cuttle and reward the player.

"Look at all my beautiful kwama! Their beady little eyes, the gentle pulsing of their abdomens. I can't thank you enough!"

What will you do now? "I'm going to have to get the mine back open, of course. Kwama are very good diggers, you know, particularly the workers."



Journal Entry
Drelden's kwama must be "persuaded" to return home. A sufficiently convincing beating should stun one and briefly make it friendlier. After that, I can use Drelden's Whistle to order it home.
  • Objective: Use Drelden's Whistle on Kwama: 0/6
I've "convinced" several of Drelden's errant kwama to return to his mine. I should meet him there to claim my reward.
  • Objective: Talk to Drelden Orn at His Mine