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For other uses, see Persuasion.

Persuasive Will is a passive skill in the Mages Guild skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Allows the Vestige to persuade certain NPCs in conversations.


Persuade (Mechanics)Edit

Persuasive Will in Online simply allows them to choose specific dialogue options when speaking to quest-related NPCs. These dialogue options are marked with the (PERSUADE) tag at the beginning of the sentence and are usually displayed in Bold and Colored Font. Prior to purchasing the appropriate skill, the Vestige will be able to view these dialogue options, though cannot select them to progress the quest.

Selecting dialogue options marked as (INTIMIDATE) or (PERSUADE) normally will allow players to bypass certain quest steps or objectives to gain quest completion and/or rewards faster. It may be possible to also gain alternate quest rewards or achievements when using these skills.confirmation needed


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