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For pets in Hearthfire, see Pets (Hearthfire).
Striated Pony Guar

Striated pony guar, a lovable pet guar.

Pets are special creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online as a type of vanity companion for the Vestige. The primary way to obtain pets is through the Crown Store, with prices ranging from 400 to 700 Crowns Icon, or through special promotions, events, and packs. Players can still use pets acquired from the discontinued loyalty program, promotional give aways and limited time offers on the Crown Store.

Players can own multiple pets, although they can only have one with them at a time, but can be changed at any time in the Collections menu. All pets come with a default given name, however after Update 6 they can be renamed at any time by going into the Collections menu.


The following is a list of all pets released to date:

Pet Name Species Crowns Icon In-game description Notes
Abecean Ratter Cat Caramel Cat 400 The Abecean Ratter is famed from Hegathe to Woodhearth as a prime rodent-catcher. Part of the crown store since July 2015. [1]
Alik'r Dune-Hound Sandy Dog 400 The Dune-Hound is the loyal dog of the Redguard hunters of the Alik'r.
Banekin Ornery Banekin 400 Though unwilling to fight, this Daedric minion will follow you loyally--for now.
Bantam Guar Squeee Bantam Guar 400 According to the calculations of the sages of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, the bantam guar is the cutest creature in all Tamriel. No longer avaliable as a stand alone purchase.
Still available as part of the Adventurer Pack bundle.
Bravil Retriever Dogdroth Dog 400 The Bravil Retriever loves the water, and is a favorite hunter's companion from Anvil to Gideon.
Bristlegut Piglet Muddles Pig N/A This cross between a domestic pig and a Skyrim boar is as loyal as it is adorable. Given with competitions and giveaways.
Cave Bear Cub OR Honeymuzzle Bear N/A The Cave Bear Cub may miss its mountain home, but that just makes it twice as loyal to its mortal companion. Available at the Crown Store for individial purchase, or as part of the Orsinium Collectors Edition.
Released November 2nd for PC/Mac, November 17th for Xbox One, and November 18th for Playstation 4.
Crony Scrib Grubchum Scrib N/A The caramel scrib crony is a quiet companion, devoted and easily housebroken. Code available with purchase of official Fighters Guild Journeyman figure from Symbiote Studios.[2]
Daedrat Twitchy Daedric rat 500 This scurrying vermin from Oblivion would be lost in the vastness of Nirn without a loyal companion and guide. Even a Daedric rodent needs a friend. Released alongside the launch of the The Imperial City DLC.
Daedric Scamp Stinker Scamp 700 A foul-smelling Daedric minion, who will follow you loyally, though it won't fight for you.
Dragontail Goat William Goat 400 The brown Goats of the Dragontail Mountains are stronger than they look. There's a saying in Hammerfell: "Hits as hard as a Dragontail ram!"
Fennec Fox Li'l Vixen Fox 700 A native of Hammerfell, the Fennec Fox has been domesticated by many of its desert peoples, and makes an alert and loyal pet. Part of the Crown Store since May 2015. [3]
Helstrom Ancestor Lizard Princess Lizard 400 Some scholars believe Argonians are descended—or were uplifted—from these tree-dwelling swamp lizards. True or not, they make great pets, affectionate and low-maintenance.
High Hrothgar Wraith Tinsel Ice Wraith N/A An ice wraith from the slopes of the highest mountain in Tamriel. Loyalty reward for three month paid subscribtion.
Housecat Deathstare Cat 400 This green-eyed feline is a distant relative of the Alfiq Khajiit.
Imgakin Raisins Monkey N/A The imgakin monkey pet is lively and cheerful, even in the grimmest of dungeons. Given to players who took part in the weekend PC Beta events.
Loyal Dwemer Sphere Gyro Dwemer Sphere N/A A Dwarven Sphere of the long-lost Dwemer. Loyalty reward for six month paid subscribtion.
Necrotic Hoarvor Pustule Hoarvor N/A Your new best friend is a giant blood-sucking insect bloated with pustulant, lethal contagion! It's bursting with both infection and affection—for you! Reward for completing the Imperial City Challenger Veteran Dungeon achievement with The Imperial City DLC.
Nibenay Mudcrab Scissors Mudcrab N/A A frisky little crustacean pal, at home in the water or out of it. Available with the Imperial Edition.
Pony Guar Coconut Guar N/A A favorite household pet in Morrowind, the Pony Guar is a glutton for affection. Code available with purchase of official Guar Plush from the Bethesda Store.[4]
Razak's Opus Cogbucket Dwemer Spider N/A A loyal steam-powered Dwarven Spider, fueled by magicka from a soul gem that will last for eras. Reward for completing the quest "The Mystery of Razak".
Rufous Mudcrab Crabcakes Mudcrab N/A A perky crab buddy whose rust-colored shell covers a cheerful, inquisitive demeanor. Code available with purchase of official Mudcrab Plush from the Bethesda Store.[5]
Shornhelm Shepherd Hackles Dog 400 This hardy dog was bred for herding sheep in the rugged terrain of Rivenspire.
Stonefire Scamp Brimstone Scamp N/A This gibbering, foul-smelling Daedric minion will follow you loyally, though it won't fight for you. Reward for defeating the elite Daedric forces in the Darkest Depths in The Imperial City DLC.
Striated Pony Guar Wobble Guar 400 A favorite household pet in Morrowind, the Striated Pony Guar is a glutton for affection. No longer available.
Striped Senche-Panther Indigo Senche 700 The elegant senche-panther is a distant relative of the Khajiit, though it cannot speak like the cat-folk.
Vermilion Scuttler Warty Scuttler N/A A reptilian pal from Morrowind, where they're known for quickness, devotion, and a mildly offensive odor. Available with the Explorer's Pack pre-order bonus.[6]
Whiterun Wolfhound Horker Dog N/A The hunting dog of the Nords of Skyrim, known to face down sabre cats for their masters. Given with orders of the Imperial Edition placed through Steam before July 21st, 2014.
Can still be acquired with purchase of official Nord figure from Symbiote Studios.[7]
Windhelm Wolfhound Wurfles Dog 400 Descended from royal hunting dogs, Windhelm Wolfhounds are known as steadfast companions. This pet is also included with the Starter Pack available at the Crown Store.


  • Razak's Opus is the only pet included in the base game.
  • Pets can not accompany the Vestige in Cyrodiil.



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