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Striated Pony Guar

Striated pony guar, a lovable pet guar.

Pets are special creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online as a type of vanity companion for the Vestige.

Players can own multiple pets, although they can only have one with them at a time, but can be changed at any time in the Collections menu. All pets come with a default given name, however after Update 6 they can be renamed at any time by going into the Collections menu.


The primary way to obtain pets is through the Crown Store, with prices ranging from 400 to 700 Crowns Icon, or through special promotions, events, and packs. Players can still use pets acquired from the discontinued subscriber loyalty program, promotional give aways and limited time offers on the Crown Store.


The following is a list of all pets released to date:


  • Razak's Opus is the only pet included in the base game.
  • Pets can not accompany the Vestige in Cyrodiil.



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