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Dearest Yasmine,

I can't tell you how hard it is for me to write this. I can't go on living this lie. What I mean to say is, I know about you and Ademar. I saw you, three months ago, kiss and exchange a look that meant much more than a kiss. That was the moment suspicion and faith gave way to truth and betrayal.

I won't ask you how you could do it. But I won't remain in a marriage that's not worthy of the name.

Still, I've not given up on you or on us. I still hope that we may be reconciled.

If that hope is not in vain, I pray you'll respond to this letter by meeting me at the entrance to the Buried Sands at the very hour when we first met, all those many years ago.

I think you remember. It had rained most of the day, and then the clouds broke and the sun came out, lighting up your golden hair. I took it as a sign and finally worked up the courage to speak to you.

And now we find ourselves in this untenable situation.

I hope my faith in you is not misplaced, Phillip


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