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Philter of the Phantom

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Artificer (Achievement) Philter of the Phantom
Philter of the Phantom
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
50 GoldIcon
Appear spectral for 30 seconds.
FormID: 000663E1

Philter of the Phantom is a potion that can be looted from Wyndelius Gatherian in Shroud Hearth Barrow next to Ivarstead. He carries one or two when looted, and some minor coin, a dagger of either iron or steel and his fur clothes. One to several can be found in the room where he lived, excluding his loot.

The potion makes the Dragonborn appear spectral for 30 seconds.

It has an effect in the Active effects menu called "Ghostveil".


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  • Wyndelius' body can sometimes remain persistent inside the Barrow, appearing unclothed and moved to the position where he is first met. His inventory will have respawned, making it possible to loot a Philter of the Phantom off him every once in a while.


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