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Phynaster is the hero-god of the Summerset Isles.[1]


Phynaster is among the many ancestor spirits of the Aldmer who became Gods.[2] He is worshiped by both the Altmer and Bretons,[1] as well as the Snow Elves before many of them became the Falmer.[3]

Many hundreds of years ago Phynaster created an artifact, known as the Ring of Phynaster, which gave him good defenses to survive his adventurous life. Thanks to the Ring, Phynaster lived for hundreds of years, and since then it has passed from person to person. Still, Phynaster was cunning and cursed the ring so that it eventually disappears from its holder's possessions and returns to another resting place, discontent to stay anywhere but with Phynaster himself.[4] Phynaster also taught the Altmer how to naturally live another hundred years.[1]

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