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Pilgrim's Trench contains four shipwrecks in the Sea of Ghosts. It is an explorable location of ship debris located due northwest of Winterhold.


The location includes several chests aboard the wrecked ships, containing random leveled loot. To get to the ship, being an Argonian, having the Waterbreathing spell/potion, or wearing a helmet with a waterbreathing enchantment can help.


  • Pilgrim's Trench is marked above ground by a small island which is the location of Trius' Camp.
    • Trius was originally meant to appear at the camp site as a bandit mage, starting the quest "Trius' Trinket" when talked to. The quest however has never been finished by the developers and is left incomplete and inconclusive inside Skyrim's datafiles, giving only mention of the quest's objectives and the intended reward, an undisclosed spell. The incomplete quest has the ID-name dunShipwreck04QST.
    • During "Trius' Trinket," the Dragonborn would have been tasked with retrieving a small jewelry box from the wreckage below the sea. Once the box had been obtained, Trius would have taught the player an undisclosed spell.
    • There is no mention of Shelly in the original quest data. As Trius was meant to be a bandit mage, along with the original quest title hinting at a trinket, it is likely that Shelly's background story is a mere stop-gap for the much more elaborate story the original quest would have brought.
  • Several Salmon can be seen swimming in and around the sunken ships, likely using the ships as a reef.
  • Directly over the shipwrecks, there is a capsized rowboat.


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