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For other uses, see Pilgrim.
Hearty folk, well-versed in the tomes of old. They profit in life by bartering in the market, or by persuading the weak-minded. (in-game description)

Pilgrims are tough travelers who are well-versed in history and lore, visiting the holy places of their faith. Travelling the open lands can be quite dangerous, and so pilgrims protect themselves with Blunt weaponry and light armor, but are also skilled in dealing with others.

The Pilgrim is a premade class.



Favored AttributesEdit

Major SkillsEdit

Description and useEdit

The Pilgrim is good for adventuring or questing. Anyone who is an adventuring type, Security comes in handy for anything. From locked gates to treasure chests in endless dungeons, no treasure hunter can go about without Security.

Should a Pilgrim come across a Minotaur or an Imp, they can utilize Blunt, Block, and Light Armor to help in battle. Blunt is there to deliver quick, deadly blows. Block and Light Armor kind of work hand in hand. If you can't block, light armor is there to take the blow.

Mercantile is a useful skill for the Pilgrim. If they can play their cards right a Pilgrim will always receive better deals in the marketplace.

Speechcraft will be helpful when asking around for clues, or when trying to persuade a merchant to sell some items for a lower price.