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Pilgrimage to Maar Gan is a Tribunal Temple quest available to the Nerevarine, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.





Once the Nerevarine has removed the False Incarnate from Suran, Tuls Valen in Ald'ruhn will give the Nerevarine a new quest. The Nerevarine must perform a pilgrimage to the shrine in Maar Gan, a place where Vivec defeated Mehrunes Dagon.

Divine HistoryEdit

The town can be accessed through the use of the Silt Strider service from Ald'ruhn. The Shrine can be found in its own building in the town, with a shrine, known as the Magic Rock, which is located in the main room, along with a Dremora, named Anhaedra. If the Dremora is interacted with, immediately, he will state: " If you are a pilgrim, read the inscription on the stupid rock." The plaque on the rock tells the legend of Vivec saving the population from Mehrunes Dagon by taunting the Daedra, who, out of anger, threw a rock at Vivec, rather than at the people.

Re-enacting HistoryEdit

Note: It is possible, before confronting the Dremora, to speak to Tralas Rendas, near the rock, about "Blessings", he will confer the Nerevarine the Maar Gan Blessings, which grants Restore Health 30 to 50 points for 1 second, Fortify Attack 25 points for 30 seconds, and Sanctuary 75 points for 30 seconds.

The Nerevarine must then re-enact the legend by taunting Anhaedra, into attacking. After defeating the Dremora, interacting with the Rock again will give the Nerevarine the blessings of Fortify Personality and Fortify Speech 10 points for 48 minutes.

The Nerevarine must now return to Valen to complete the quest. They will be rewarded with a copy of the Death Blow of Abernanit, a Block skill book.


Pilgrimage to Maar Gan
IDJournal Entry
10Tuls Valen wants me to make the Pilgrimage to Maar Gan. I should go to the temple shrine in Maar Gan and read the plaque describing Vivec's taunting of Mehrunes Dagon.
  • Quest accepted
30I taunted the Dremora at the shrine of Maar Gan and he attacked me.
60I completed the pilgrimage to the shrine of Maar Gan.
100Tuls Valen praised my handling of the Dremora Anhaedra.
  • Quest complete
110Tuls Valen has no more duties for me. He said I should seek Uvoo Llaren in Ghostgate or Endryn Llethan in Vivec.


  • The Nerevarine may complete the quest by making the Pilgrimage before the quest, although this will skip the two earlier quests available from Valen.
    • Although, they will not be skipped if the Nerevarine is below the rank of "Disciple."

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