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Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces is a Tribunal Temple quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"Before I give you duties, you should prove your faith by making the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces."
Endryn Llethan[src]



Shrine of the Fields of Kummu

Shrine of the Fields of Kummu

The Nerevarine must complete the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces in order to obtain further quests from the Tribunal Temple. The quest can be obtained simply by reading a copy of The Pilgrim's Path, which can be found across Vvardenfell or from any Tribunal Temple quest giver (such as Endryn Llethan). Once started, the Nerevarine may visit the shrines in any order, which will be marked on the Nerevarine's map.

Shrine of HumilityEdit

The Shrine of Humility can be found within the Fields of Kummu, between two trees to the north of Lake Amaya. Ten pieces of Muck must be donated to the shrine in order to receive its blessing: 100 points of Feather for 48 minutes. There is a little island, just south-west of the shrine, where muck can be easily harvested.

Shrine of PrideEdit

Note: If one is traveling from Ald'ruhn, it is possible to easily complete the miscellaneous quest "Viatrix, The Annoying Pilgrim" while completing the Shrine of Pride pilgrimage.

The Shrine of Pride is very close to the Ghostfence. The entrance to the Red Mountain region is through the Ghostgate, which is found along the Foyada Mamaea. The Shrine is located down a track, off of the Foyada to the northeast, leading from the main track to the right, beyond the ghostgate, there are no enemies on the way. The Nerevarine must donate a soul gem of any size, with or without a soul, to the Shrine to receive the Ghostgate Shrine Blessing: Fortify Magicka for 50 points and Shield for 25 points during 48 minutes.

Shrine of JusticeEdit

The Temple of Gnisis holds the Shrine of Justice, which can be found inside the Temple walls. The Shrine's blessing can only be obtained through a donation of a Potion of Cure Common Disease. If the Nerevarine interacts with the shrine again, the genuine version of Vivec's Ashmask will be revealed. Interacting with the Mask will cause the Nerevarine to learn the spell Vivec's Touch, a 100% effective Cure Common Disease Spell.

Shrine of ValorEdit

Outside of Gnisis, by the shore, inside the Koal Cave is where the Shrine of Valor can be found. The cave is inhabited by Dreughs, which are lethal at lower levels. The Nerevarine must offer a sample of Dreugh Wax to the Shrine to receive the following blessings: Fortify Unarmored, Fortify Light Armor, Fortify Medium Armor and Fortify Heavy Armor 10 points each, for 48 minutes. If the Nerevarine also kills the Dreugh Warlord, found deeper in the cave, then they will also receive a set of Dreugh Cuirass.

Shrine of GenerosityEdit

The Shrine of Generosity can be found atop the steps of the Palace of Vivec, in Vivec City and requires a donation of 100 GoldIcon in order to receive its blessings: Fortify Mercantile and Fortify Luck, 10 points for 48 minutes.

Shrine of Courtesy (Puzzle Canal)Edit

This Shrine of Courtesy requires the Nerevarine to "drown" in the Third Level of the Puzzle Canal. The Nerevarine must read the riddle "Breathe the Waters of His Glory and the Way is Made Clear" by interacting with the Shrine. Once the Nerevarine has "drowned," they will be healed and must go across the bridge to hand a Silver Longsword to the Dremora named Krazzt. There is a chest with five silver longswords next to Krazzt. The Shrine will then give the Nerevarine the blessings of Water Breathing and Swift Swim with 25 points of speed, both for 48 minutes.

Shrine of DaringEdit

On the terrace of the Temple Canton, in the south-west corner, the Nerevarine will find the Shrine of Daring, which is also called "Shrine to stop the moon," to which the they must donate a Rising Force Potion to the Shrine. A Bargain Rising Force Potion may be bought from Danso Indules in front of the temple, but any Rising Force Potion will work. The Shrine will then give the Nerevarine the blessing of Levitation, 100 points in magnitude for 48 minutes.


Once all of the Shrines have been visited, the Nerevarine may be fully inducted into the Temple and access the Tribunal Temple questline, if they speak to any of the following, in their Temples:


Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces
IDJournal Entry
10%Name gave me a copy of "The Pilgrim's Path" and asked me to make the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces.
  • Quest accepted
 100 I have completed the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces.
  • Quest complete
Pilgrim's Path
100I have read "The Pilgrim's Path" and marked the location of each shrine on my map.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Humility
100I made the Pilgrimage to the Fields of Kummu and read the Grace of Humility.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Pride
100I made the Pilgrimage to Ghostgate and read the Grace of Pride.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Justice
100I made the Pilgrimage to the Mask of Vivec and read the Grace of Justice.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Valor
100I made the Ruddy Man Pilgrimage and read the Grace of Valor.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Generosity
100I made the Pilgrimage to the Palace of Vivec and read the Grace of Generosity.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Courtesy
50I spoke with Krazzt and gave him a longsword. I should read the inscription on the shrine to complete the Pilgrimage.
100I made the Pilgrimage to the Puzzle Canal and read the Grace of Courtesy.
  • Quest complete
Shrine of Daring
100I made the Pilgrimage to Stop the Moon and read the Grace of Daring.
  • Quest complete


  • This quest can be completed by non-Temple members.
  • The Nerevarine does not have to drown in the puzzle canal, as long as their health is below 10 when they are underwater.
  • The pilgrimage to the Shrine of Valor is also known as the Ruddy Man pilgrimage.
  • The Shrine of Daring is also named "shrine to Stop the Moon" (due to the shrine's location under the Ministry of Truth).
  • The Shrine of Justice pilgrimage is also recognized as the Pilgrimage to the Mask of Vivec.


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  • If the Nerevarine kills the Dreugh Warlord in Koal Cave then they can continue to obtain the Dreugh Cuirass if they donate another piece of Dreugh Wax upon each visit to the Shrine.
  • The Shrine of Courtesy may have to be interacted with several times before it will update the journal.