"Akatosh's blessings upon you. All are welcome to worship at the eternal flame of Akatosh."

Pillazh is a Khajiit serving at the Weynon Priory in Cyrodiil, east of Chorrol.


  • "Akatosh is the primary deity of the Eight Divines. He appears as a dragon, to those blessed enough to see him. Thus he is sometimes known as the Dragon God of Time. He is known as Auri-El to the Elves." ―When asked about Akatosh.
  • "They are the greatest of the Aedra, the beings that created Mundus, our world. After Akatosh, they are the gods Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Stendarr, Mara, Kynareth, and Julianos. Akatosh is their chief, but all have their adherents." ―When asked about the Eight Divines.