"I am a noble, elevated by birth amd distinction to the highest ranks of Imperial society. I do not have a trade, as such, though I may dabble in various affairs, collecting rare treasures of beauty and refinement. And if such things are valuable, there's no harm in it. My lofty station is not without responsibilities, of course. I must serve atr the command of the Emperor and the Councils, giving counsel and support, and, when duty calls, taking spell and sword to protect the smallfolk of the Empire."
―Pilus Amatius[src]

Pilus Amatius is an Imperial living in Ebonheart.


"Greeting, Citizen Nerevarine (Player name). I'm Pilus Amatius. Can I help you? This your first visit to Ebonheart? Is there some specific place you seek?"
Background "I am Pilus Amatius, Noble."

specific place "Castle Ebonheart is a pair of forts on adjacent islands on the Systata Lagoon west of Vivec City. The Grand Council Chambers, along with the Imperial Commission, the Imperial guard quarters, the Imperial cult shrine, and the Duke's chambers, are in the castle's west keep. The Hawkmoth Legion Garrison is in the east keep, with the Skyrim Mission and the Argonian Mission in an outer court nearby. The East Empire Company has offices, warehouses, and docks east of the castle, and connects to the castle by a bridge. The great statue of the Imperial dragon in the East Empire Company plaza is a visual reminder of the Empire's power and wealth here in Morrowind. The Six Fishes Cornerclub is just across the bridge from the East Empire Company and inside the east gate of the castle. Nevosi Hlan offers ship passage to Vivec, Sadrith Mora, Hla Oad, and Tel Branora from the docks east of the dragon statue."
Morrowind "Morrowind is a peculiar mixture of Dunmer tradition and Imperial modernism. The council system of government works well, and the Temple provides shelter, education, and health for all. At the same time, the Legions and magistrates gaurantee rule of law and justice, and free trade has made everybody in Vvardenfell prosperous. But there's still a lot of race hatred, and slavery ought to be outlawed, regardless of 'sacred Dunmer customs.' And the proud Dunmer will always be bitter about the Occupation."
Dunmer "Dark Elves are the dark-skinned, red-eyed Elven peoples of Morrowind. The 'dark' part may come from their darl grey skin, but also from their gloomy dispositions. Folks call them 'Dark Elf' in the West, but they call themselves the 'Dunmer.' They have no sense of humor, and always take themselves very seriously. They look down their noses at all the other races -- particularly the Khajiit and Argonians, which they treat like animals."