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Pincushion Peter is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Located east of the Thalmor Embassy, above the Haafingar Sabre Cat Lair. At the top of the peak is a skeleton with five different weapons pinning it to the slope. Nearby against a tree is a Staff of Fireballs and a knapsack. The knapsack also has a copy of 2920, Sun's Height, v7.

Notable itemsEdit


  • The ledge at this location is too steeply angled for AI pathfinding. Wildlife that spawn on the ledge are unable to escape and can make good archery practice.
  • Weapons that pinned the skeleton and Staff of Fireballs will not respawn once taken, so it's best to wait until the Dragonborn's level is high enough (+50) to obtain strong weapons. However, the staff can be extremely useful at lower levels.


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