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Pinemoon Cave is a small cave in Haafingar that is populated by wolves and vampires of various levels. 

A grove of trees in Haafingar's tundra opens to a small campsite. At night, there may be vampires milling about the exterior camp. In the day they will be inside the cave.


Onmund's Request (radiant)Edit

Find the staff for Enthir. Once the staff is found, deliver the staff back to Enthir at the College of Winterhold.

Kill the VampireEdit

Sybille Stentor, the court wizard of Solitude, sends the Dragonborn on a miscellaneous quest to kill the leader of a group of vampires hiding in this cave. Once the deed is reported back to Sybille, she will give the Dragonborn a gold ring, plus an increase in Illusion.

Trouble in Skyrim (radiant)Edit

Farkas sends the Dragonborn on a quest to eliminate the vampire leader in Pinemoon cave, then return to Farkas at Jorrvaskr, where he will reward with between 100-300 GoldIcon. This can act as progression in the Companions questline.

Cleansing LightDGEdit

Gunmar may ask the Dragonborn to kill the Master Vampire at Pinemoon Cave.

Culling the BeastEdit

Fura Bloodmouth or Garan Marethi may ask the Dragonborn to kill the Master Vampire in this cave.

Notable itemsEdit

Alchemy ingredientsEdit

  • White cap out the front of the cave.
  • An abundance of fly amanita - one of the most prolific sources in the game. At last count, there are 64 of them there.
  • A few potions.



  • The cave is mentioned by a Solitude citizen as having a dragon located within; however, it does not.


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