"These pirates can get kind of wild when they've poured a few drinks down their gullets. That's why I love this place!"
―Pius Helvius[src]

Pius Helvius is an Imperial patron of Enrick's Public House in Anvil.


Honest WorkEdit


Show: Honest Work

"What a disaster! That bard gets in one scrap with a Dark Elf and suddenly he can't play tonight's show. She strained his finger? What does that even mean? Sorry, I'm rambling. The crowd gets rowdy when there's no music to listen to while they drink."

I know a talented Dark Elf who'd love to sing to your customers. "Ha! The Dark Elf lass? I just about split my gut when I heard her yowling. Sounded like someone stuck a fork in a bantam guar and twisted it to the right! If that's what they call singing in Morrowind, I really need to pat them a visit."

[Persuade] If her singing is that amusing, just tell the audience she's a comedian. "Interesting notion. We've had our share of bards and jesters, but never a jester who sings. At least the crowd will enjoy looking at her. Who knows? They might even like her act! Send Kireth over. I'll pay her well for an evening's entertainment."
Excellent. I'll let Kireth know.
I'll inquire elsewhere then.
After taking to him again:

"You make sure the Dark Elf shows up and I'll handle getting drunk arses in the seats to hear her sing. I'll even make that worthless bard come out and clap - strained finger be damned!"