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For other uses, see Platter.

Platter is an item found in Skyrim. It is a gold plate used for holding food and it can normally be found with different types of food on it, scattered around different places in Skyrim.


This item can be used to complete a glitch in which the Dragonborn can go through most of the walls in Skyrim. If the Dragonborn picks up the platter and places it flat against a wall, with the bottom of the platter facing towards him or her, he or she can walk into it and he or she will push through the wall. This can be used in many different ways such as, going through locked doors and getting to the "Do Not Delete" chests under shops.

This can also be exploited to pass through doors that "Require a Key." One such exploit is in Gyldenhul Barrow, where the quest Deathbrand takes place. The room with the Cursed Treasure (see the Deathbrand quest link for more info) is locked, and requires a key. Before going through, the Dragonborn needs to have at least three platters in his/her Inventory. This is because the second is for getting out, door will still be locked, and the third will be when the metal gate lowers when the gold is activated.


The following is a list of areas that can be visited via the "Platter Glitch" that would normally be restricted or blocked. Note that while the list may not include every single area, it includes the most important and interesting spots.

See 'Usefulness'
Note: The glitch may take multiple attempts to work
Whiterun Chest underneath the Skyforge. It can be done by using the glitch along the walls that surround Dragonsreach (by the giant stone eagle).
Elgrim's Elixirs Chest underneath the shop, and the Do Not Delete Chest. When you enter the shop, go left to the wall. there should be a small space of wall not blocked by crates or barrels. use it there, and you should land on a chest.
Any walled city Outside of the walls. Use the glitch on the walls of a city (Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm, Markarth, Solitude), and you will appear outside. Note that the Locations that would normally appear on the map will not be interactable or enterable.
Bronze Water Cave Secret passage to Irkngthand. Before the quest Blindsighted, the cave will just be an empty space, home to a Bear, or other creature. After the quest, there will be an entrance to the Dwemer Ruin Irkngthand. You can use the glitch before the quest to go through the wall at the back of the cave, and you will be in a tunnel (the secret passage to Irkngthand).
College of Winterhold Inside of the College without starting First Lessons. Simply use the glitch on the main College gate.
Bloodskal Barrow Black Book: The Winds of Change before the quest "The Final Descent." When entering the inner Barrow (where the Reaver Lord is), go to the end of the Barrow. Use the glitch on the wall to the left of the stool with the book The Holds of Skyrim. You should be in a room with a treasure chest and The Black Book.
Rebel's Cairn Kill the Red Eagle without finding the Red Eagle's Sword. Upon entering the main room with the pedestal where the sword would go, you may notice an odd part of the wall near the pedestal. Use the glitch there, and you can go to the room where the Red Eagle sleeps.
The Ragged Flagon - Cistern Treasure Room Use the glitch on the large golden door in the Cistern to gain access to the Treasure Room. There will be no treasure, though...
Goldenglow Estate Inside the estate before the quest Loud and Clear. Use the glitch on the large gate outside of the estate (where the Mercenary is standing). This glitch requires multiple Platters, because at every bridge, there is an invisible barrier blocking the way. You can use the glitch to pass them. Bring about 5-10 Platters, in case you lose some.
Gyldenhul Barrow The cursed treasure.
The Bee and Barb Two chests and a Do Not Delete. After entering go down the stairs. Turn left and use it on the wall opposite the shelf. There will be a small ledge to walk on. Once you reach the chests jump down to get them, although it may take a few attempts to get the ones under the building, and taking items from these will be considered stealing.

The left box shows the Location, the middle box shows what it gains access to, and the right box shows how to preform the glitch.


It can be found in many different places in Skyrim. Amongst the common places are Keeps/Palaces and Houses. One particular place is Dragonsreach, which has numerous assorted plates, goblets, and platters. It may also be found in Caves and Forts.


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