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Plautis Carvain

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Plautis Carvain
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Level 4
Class Citizen
Rank Nobleman
Base ID 000B8148
"Don't bother me, peasant. I've had a long journey and paid too much coin on these gifts to be late to Vittoria's wedding."
―Plautis Carvain[src]

Plautis Carvain is an Imperial nobleman who travels around Skyrim with his wife Salonia Carvain and one bodyguard.


They are on their way to Vittoria Vici's wedding in Solitude. Due to his name and high social status, it is possible that he is a descendant of Narina Carvain, the Countess of Bruma in Oblivion.


It is possible to meet him and Salonia, as well as their bodyguard walking outside of Windhelm, Whiterun, and other locations worried about being late for the wedding. If you speak with Plautis he will call you Skyrim scum and tell the Dragonborn to go away. The Dragonborn can tell him that they are going to rob him, but he will run away and call for help.

It is also possible to encounter Plautis and Salonia outside of Solitude near Dragon Bridge where the Dragonborn can hear Plautis telling Salonia that the wedding will help their influence in Skyrim.

It is also possible to meet Plautis, along with Salonia, in the wilderness, wearing rags and commenting about having been attacked by bandits. Plautis will claim that their bodyguard was eaten by a dragon.

Plautis's bodyguard does not actually take them to Solitude. He merely walks down the path by the farm instead of going to the front gate. He leads them behind Solitude, off the shore off the Emperor's ship.


  • "Don't bother me, peasant. I've had a long journey and paid too much coin on these gifts to be late to Vittoria's wedding."
  • "Indeed, if we ever get there."

Effects of actionsEdit

  • If caught picking Plautis' pockets, he says something about being able to forgive the crime, and the Dragonborn will not be arrested or attacked; however, some time later three Hired Thugs will appear in the wilderness. On their corpses can be found a contract which states that Plautis has sent them to "... teach a lesson to the thief, [Name]. You need not kill him, but I have no qualms about it if you deem it necessary."
    • This happens even when not caught picking his pockets.
  • If killed he and his wife can be looted for valuable items.
  • Cyrodilic Brandy's only location without Dragonborn is on Plautis Carvain.
  • If Healing HandsHeal Other, or Courage is cast on them then they will become hostile, and the Dragonborn will have to kill them in self-defense - likely aided by any nearby guards.


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