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Poison Arrow is an active skill in the Bow skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Deals 5 Poison Damage to enemy. Target takes an additional 0 Poison Damage over 10 seconds.


  • Unlocked at Bow rank 2.


Venom ArrowEdit

Poison InjectionEdit

  • U5: This ability now starts dealing bonus damage on targets under 50% health instead of 35% health. [1]


  • U2: Increased the damage-over-time for this ability by 50%. [2]
  • U2: The Passive Skill, Hawk Eye, now benefits this ability. [2]
  • U5: Increased the damage over time for this ability by approximately 30%. We also fixed an issue where this ability couldn't critical strike. [1]
  • U6: Fixed an issue where the damage over time component from the ability Poison Arrow would remove you from Shadow Cloak. [3]



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