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For other uses, see Apple.

Poisoned Apple is an Alchemy ingredient mainly used by The Dark Brotherhood for assassinations. Even though it is a poisonous fruit, it cannot be made into a poison. Instead, it is made into a potion.


  • Inside Bravil Wizard's Tower grotto
  • Purchased from the Dark Brotherhood merchant.
  • Ten can be found inside a barrel with a very hard lock in Fort Farragut in the chamber under the trap door entrance from outside. After an extended period of time, these will reappear, providing a continuous source of the apples.


  • This apple can kill anyone; simply remove all the food in a target NPC's house and leave the apple. They will eventually eat it and die.
    • Doing this will not count as a murder by the guards or the Dark Brotherhood, and it will not raise the Hero kill tally on the game menu.
  • If the Hero eats it, they will die.
    • Because of its scripted effect, it bypasses poison resistance.
  • One can create a potion out of this apple, but it will only create a potion that one can quaff.
  • Since the poisoned apple has a weight of zero, it can easily be reverse pickpocketed into an NPC's inventory. This can cause them to eat it even sooner than if one left it on a table or other surface.

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