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The Scarlet Judge (Quest)

The Scarlet Judge is a quest in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind in which the Vestige meets a mysterious stranger known to the people of Vvardenfell as the "Scarlet Judge." The Judge claims to be investigating corruption within the justice system of Suran, a city in southern Morrowind, and asks the Vestige for their assistance.


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…that you can view pages about the Skyrim game here?

…that there is a spree of murders in Windhelm?

…that Skyrim was the first Province of Tamriel reached by Men?

…that Ulfric Stormcloak has killed the high-king of Skyrim?

…that the worship of Talos is now banned throughout the empire?

…that there are 7000 steps on the Throat of the World?

…that Draugrs have the ability to use dragon shouts?

…that there are over 150 dungeons, and 100 other locations of interest?

…that the Aldmeri Dominion is actually the Second Aldmeri Dominion?

…that Tamriel is separated into four empires? (Cyrodiil, Thalmor, Hammerfell, Elsweyr)?

…that the Falmer have their own language?

…that this wiki has pages from the entire series?

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