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Not to be confused with Potion Recipes.
Main article: Thieves Guild Quests (Morrowind)

Potion Recipe is a Thieves Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is started when talking to the Thieves Guild member Big Helende at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub for "jobs."


The alchemist Tusamircil wants a recipe for a potion of Dispel and has asked the Sadrith Mora's Thieves Guild for aid. Big Helende tasks the Nerevarine with finding such a recipe. She reckons Anis Seloth, who is the best alchemist in town, might have such a recipe. When the Nerevarine has suceeded in obtaining the recipe, they should deliver it directly to Tusamircil.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Big Helende to start the quest.
  • Head to Anis' shop Anis Seloth: Alchemist.
  • Steal the recipe from a crate upstairs.
  • Find Tusamircil in the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall.
  • Return to Helende for a reward of 500GoldIcon.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After starting the quest, the Nerevarine should head to Anis Seloth's alchemist store named "Anis Seloth: Alchemist," which is located north from Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub. The Dispel Potion Formula is located in a crate on the upper level. The Nerevarine can steal it from there and should then head to Wolverine Hall, where Tusamircil resides. He will take the recipe and retire to his studies. To get a reward, the Nerevarine must return to Big Helende.


  • 500 GoldIcon


Journal Entry
Big Helende told me that a client, Tusamircil, wanted a good recipe for a dispel potion. The best alchemist in Sadrith Mora is Anis Seloth, and Big Helende thinks I can find this recipe in Anis Seloth's shop.
  • Quest accepted
I delivered the potion recipe to Tusamircil.
Big Helende thanked me for bringing her a recipe for a Dispel potion
  • Quest completed

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