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In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there are many recipes for potions. Those who spend a small amount of gold can buy an entire shop worth of ingredients and mix them into potions, selling them back for considerably more gold.

Novice Level PotionsEdit

Restore HealthEdit

Restore IntelligenceEdit

Cure DiseaseEdit

Apprentice Level PotionsEdit


Water BreathingEdit


Cure PoisonEdit

Journeyman Level PotionsEdit



Detect LifeEdit

Fortify MagickaEdit

Fortify HealthEdit

Fortify EnduranceEdit

Fortify LuckEdit

Fortify WillpowerEdit

Fortify IntelligenceEdit

Expert and Master Level PotionsEdit

Fortify StrengthEdit

Reflect DamageEdit


Chameleon, Fortify Health, Fortify MagickaEdit

Fire Shield, Resist Fire, Fortify Health, Restore HealthEdit

Fire Shield, Resist Shock, Resist Frost, Restore MagickaEdit

Fortify Magicka, Restore Magicka, Fortify Health, Restore Health, Restore FatigueEdit