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Potion of Heroism
0.50 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1,456 GoldIcon
Fortify Attack
Fortify Fatigue
Fortify Health
Restore Fatigue
Restore Health
FormID: p_heroism_s
Main article: Potions (Morrowind)

Potion of Heroism is a unique and potent potion in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It increases the drinker's armor rating, Health, Fatigue, and chance of hitting an opponent with a weapon.


This potion consists of a Shield effect, which is not included in any of the ingredients available to Nerevarine, or any other potions available in Morrowind or expansions.


  • It can be found in the Central Vault of Mudan Grotto, an underwater Dwemer ruin southwest of Ebonheart. The potion is located on the top shelf in the center of the room, and is guarded by a unique Steam Centurion that is more lethal than its counterparts.
  • On the PC, additional potions can be obtained by using the console:

Player -> Additem "p_heroism_s" 1


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