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Not to be confused with Mammoth Tusk Powder.

Powdered Mammoth Tusk is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be used to make potions at an alchemy lab as part of alchemy.


  • Very rarely sold by alchemist shops. Note, however, that to be able to purchase from Alchemy shops you need the Speech perk "Merchant" that can be acquired with a Speech skill of 50 and two previous perks, requiring a total of three perks.
  • One is found inside of the Dragonborn's home in Markarth, at the alchemy room.
  • Rare chance to find in apothecary's satchels.
  • Drops very rarely and/or can be purchased from 'peddlers' after the random encounter of a bandit attack. This may occur more often in The Reach.
  • Can be found in an alchemy laboratory which may be built as a north wing addition when building a homestead using the add-on, Hearthfire. It comes with a lot of ingredients on the shelves including the powdered mammoth tusk and pearls, which are extremely hard to come by in Skyrim.
  • Found on a shelf within Tel Mithryn, only accessible with the Dragonborn add-on.
  • Can be found at the corpse of a Cultist with Dragonborn add-on.
  • Can be found in the Falkreath Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.


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Restore Stamina Fortify Sneak Weakness to Fire Fear

† multiple effects


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