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For other uses, see Precious Gem and Gem.

Precious Gems are valuable items found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Six exist in the game world: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, and Pearl. Gold and Silver Nuggets are classified as precious gems. Flawless Diamonds have one of the highest value per weight-unit in the entire game.

Unlike Soul Gems, precious gems serve no practical function and cannot be used in the crafting of items; however, due to their rarity, they can be sold for various amounts of septims, depending on their quality. Gems come in three qualities: flawed, flawless, and an unmarked standard quality. Value is ranged from flawed, standard, and flawless respectively. Due to their lightweight and high value, gems are ideal loot when spelunking caves and dungeons.

Obtaining gems is relatively random. While most gems appear as radiant loot from containers and corpses, some locations statically produce the same gems, always. Various general goods merchants trade gems, having them available for purchase while also willingly buying them. Magic-related merchants and curiosity shops also purchase gems, even if they do not sell them. Countess of Chorrol, Arriana Valga, gives various precious gems as a reward for completing "Canvas the Castle".


All gems have a weight of 0.1, and all nuggets have a weight of 0.25.


Name Gold GoldIcon ID
Gold Nugget 25 00049808
Silver Nugget 15 00049809


Name Gold GoldIcon ID
Diamond 25 00028BA8
Emerald 20 00038BA6
Pearl 2 00038B99
Ruby 10 00038B9F
Sapphire 15 00038BA2
Topaz 5 00038B9C


Name Gold GoldIcon ID
Diamond 50 00038BA7
Emerald 40 00038BA4
Pearl 5 00038B98
Ruby 20 00038B9E
Sapphire 30 00038BA1
Topaz 10 00038B9B


Name Gold GoldIcon ID
Diamond 100 00038BA9
Emerald 80 00038BA5
Pearl 10 00038B9A
Ruby 40 00038BA0
Sapphire 60 00038BA3
Topaz 20 00038B9D


Loot and dungeon dropsEdit


Quest rewardsEdit

Comparisons with other gamesEdit

Unlike Morrowind and Skyrim, gems found in Oblivion have no function as a crafting material, but they can be sold or kept for display.


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