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Precious gemstones found throughout Skyrim. Based on value, from the top in clockwise order are: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst and Garnet.

Gems are items found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are a key component for creating Jewelry.


General locationsEdit

  • With the acquisition of the Prowler's Profit ability, Precious Gems of all sorts and all qualities will appear in a large number of places, 100% of the time. The Prowler's Profit ability spawns Gems of varying qualities in any container permanently, from only one gem to rarely up to 10 gems in Boss Chests and Dragons.
  • Giants will always carry gems, mostly Sapphires and Emeralds it seems.
  • Dragons have a chance to carry gems. Legendary DragonsDG have the highest chance of dropping Flawless Diamonds.
  • Burial Urns will supply a lot of these gems, along with a small amount of Gold. Found in Nordic Ruins and various tombs and dungeons, Urns are the most common replenishable supply of Gems and small gold.
  • The corpses of Draugr sometimes have them. Draugr that are are static containers (I.e., the only possible interaction is to loot them) also have a chance to carry gems. With the addition of Dragonborn, Stalhrim deposits contain Draugr when mined out, and are a good source for both the valuable crafting material and gems.
  • Sometimes Bandit Leaders will carry Precious Gems, very rarely of the Flawless Quality. 
  • Boss Chests, miscellaneous chests, chests found in homes and other areas around Skyrim have a good chance to carry at least one gem, regardless of the NPC that owns or guards the chest.

Fixed locationsEdit


Merchants throughout Skyrim also buy and sell gems; many of the merchants that buy and sell jewelry will also buy and sell gems. General goods merchants can also buy gems.


Name Weight WeightIcon Gold GoldIcon Level ID
Skyrim amethyst Amethyst 0.1 120-150 1 00063B46
Skyrim diamond Diamond 0.1 800-1000 32 00063B47
Emerald Emerald 0.1 600-700 24 00063B43
GarnetFlawless Skyrim Garnet 0.1 100 1 00063B45
Skyrim ruby Ruby 0.1 200 8 00063B42
Skyrim Sapphire Sapphire 0.1 400 16 00063B44
TESV Flawless Amethyst Flawless Amethyst 0.1 180 12 0006851E
Skyrim flawless diamond Flawless Diamond 0.1 1000 40 0006851F
Flawless emerald Flawless Emerald 0.1 750 36 00068520
Flawless garnet Flawless Garnet 0.1 150 4 00068521
Flawless ruby Flawless Ruby 0.1 350 20 00068522
Flawless sapphire Flawless Sapphire 0.1 500 28 00068523




  • Precious Gemstones should not be confused with Soul Gems, which serve an entirely different purpose.
  • Flawless gemstones appear slightly different from normal gemstones. Gemstones have a somewhat irregular surface, while flawless gemstones are symmetrical.
  • Flawless Diamonds have the highest value per weight unit in the entire game, thereby offering the most efficient way to rack up GoldIcon especially since they're fairly easy to come by with the Prowler's Profit ability. There is a value of 1,000 GoldIcon for 1 unit of Flawless Diamonds. This mantle has since been overtaken by the Exquisite Sapphire, included with Dragonborn, with a worth of 5,000 GoldIcon, while only weighing 0.2 pounds.


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