Prince Naemon is an Altmer Prince and member of the royal family of Alinor. He is the son of King Hidellith and Kinlady Tuinden, and the younger brother of Ayrenn.[1] He is married to High Kinlady Estre. He later serves as the hidden main antagonist of the Grahtwood region and later again as the main antagonist of the Greenshade region in the form of a lich known as the Shade of Naemon.


After the disappearance of his sister in the year 2E 563, Prince Naemon was named heir to the Throne of Alinor, and in 2E 565 he matriculated into the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth. Naemon, like his father, was a natural ceremoniarch, who seemed to have a genuine relish for the rites and duties ordained for the heir by tradition. When his father ascended to Aetherius in the year 2E 580, Prince Naemon immediately began preparing to speak the eighty-eight day Coronation Liturgy that would elevate him to the Throne of Alinor. Shortly after, Ayrenn made an unexpected return and announced that she was prepared, as the eldest heir, to assume the throne. She was crowned Queen Ayrenn on the 7th of Frost Fall in the year 580.[1]

The sculptor, Falarcil, is known to have questioned the relevance of a statue in Naemon's honor, given Ayrenn's return. Naemon's aide, Cintelmo, responded that the Prince is royalty and therefore deserves a new statue to be made, regardless of whether he is to become king.[2]


To TanzelwilEdit

Speak to Naemon at Tanzelwil

In the Name of the QueenEdit

Assist Ayrenn in completing an ancient ritual to gain the favor of the ancient ones.

Sever All TiesEdit

After saving Firsthold from the Daedric invasion and killing High Kinlady Estre, you must inform Queen Ayrenn. Once the quest is completed, Naemon will walk towards Ayrenn, and will have an argument with her, shortly before leaving to mourn his wife's passing.

The Honor of the QueenEdit

Discover why the Khajiiti Embassy project has been stalled.

Fit to RuleEdit

Restore the Orrery

The Orrery of Elden RootEdit

After Queen Ayrenn's ratification, in his jealousy Naemon will try to enter the Orrery. He will see a vision of the White-Gold Tower, and will turn into an Ogrim shortly afterwards, as the Orrery reveals the true forms of those who enter it. Naemon in his Ogrim form will attack you, and once you defeat him, he will revert to his Elvish body and lie dead on the floor of the ruins. Queen Ayrenn and Vicereeve Pelidil will mourn his death.

Right of TheftEdit

A Servant of Naemon, recently brought back by the Veiled Heritance, has raised ancient warriors of the Blackroot Clan and must be defeated.

Striking at the HeartEdit

Defeat the Shade of Naemon and save the Valenheart in Hectahame.


"I'm sorry. I was just speaking with the High Kinlady. And now you've interrupted us. Excuse us, please?" ("A Hostile Situation" quest started)

"I suppose congratulations are in order" (After quest completed)

What is your name?: "I'm Prince Naemon. Ayrenn's brother, husband to Kinlady Estre."

Queen's Goals: "I'm relieved she's finally come to her senses! A woman of royal blood, off doing who-knows-what in the wilds? Ridiculous."

At Tanzelwil: "Hmm. You look familiar. Have we met before?"

The Queen asked me to meet her here. "Ah! Vulkhel Guard, of course. Welcome to Tanzelwill. Perhaps you'll get through Her Majesty where we could not."

"Queen's favourite, I'm glad you're here. We came to Tanzelwil to honor the spirits of our ancestors, and now they seem bloody well determined to kill us all."

Why would your ancestors try to kill you?: "An excellent question, for which I have no answer. My dear sister, your Queen, brought us here to perform a ceremonial ritual. Its a bit of political theater, really. Gain the blessings of the dead and all that rubbish."

Is the Queen in any danger?: "If danger doesn't find her, she'll seek it out and invite it home to dinner. She's in the ruins just ahead, conspiring with the Battlereeve. They're determined to complete the ceremony. Do be a loyal subject and see she survives. Won't you?"
I'll see what I can do: "I swear, It's like being home for New Life Festival. The family's been drinking since noon, and everyone wants you dead."
Who are these people?: "Oh, you know how it is. In the waters off the island, there are great sea beasts. Smaller creatures cling to their sides, eating off the scraps they leave behind. It's the same with the nobility on land."
Why does the Queen have to do these rituals?: "Tradition! Whenever a new monarch takes the throne, there are endless rituals and ceremonies. I myself was halfway through the eighty-eight days of liturgical chanting required to take the throne. Then my dear sister returned."
You were going to take the throne before the Queen returned?: "Oh yes. When our father, King Hidellith, may he reign in glory, passed away she was slated to being the ceremonies. But then she left. Just... poof. Gone, before she even entered the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth."
Is that another ceremonial duty?: "Just so. And so it fell on me to spend the requisite three thousand five hundred and fifty-five days studying Altmeri custom and ceremoniarchy. Ahem. But I digress."