"The water begins to clear. Two cities, one worships Meridia. The other Molag Bal. Abagarlas, the city of the dead, creates a relic to strike at the Meridians. Delodiil, the city of light, creates their own weapon. Forged around a heart of crystal."

The Prismatic Crystal is a quest item in The Elder Scrolls Online.


During the First Era, the city of Abagarlas which worshipped Molag Bal had motives to attack the Ayleid city of Delodiil which worshipped Meridia. They created a relic which they planned to use against them. To counter this, Delodiil created the Prismatic Weapon forged around the Prismatic Crystal. The Meridians steal into the heart of the enemy with the weapon. They stop the ritual and the king of Delodiil, Cenedelin, ends the dark rule of Abagarlas.

The Ayleids are still hunted by the beasts of Molag Bal. They deconstruct the weapon, and five Ayleid heroes — Curano, Ostarand, Lanath, and Valasha led by Endarre — embark on a journey to hide the crystal and travel to Mzeneldt. Curano, the priest of Meridia, was killed by Dwarven Animunculi. The four continued on, and Lanath gave up her life to defend the others. When Valasha was mortally wounded by Animunculi, she asked Ostarand to transfer her essence into the crystal, sacrificing her. Endarre gave up his life so that Ostarand would get the crystal to the deepest chamber. Ostarand hid the Ayleid Tome describing how to use the crystal, but was killed by a Dwarven Centurion before he could hide the crystal. The centurion then managed to keep the crystal hidden within itself.


The Dangerous PastEdit

Throughout the quest, the group of Ayleid ghosts will appear on and off reenacting their journey to hide the crystal. At the end, the crystal will be revealed to be hidden in a Dwemer Centurion.


This item can be found in the following locations: