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Probes are a series of tools used in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Their effectiveness is determined by the Security skill, as well as the quality of the items itself. Probes are used to disarm traps that are placed on doors.


Item ID Weight Value Uses Quality
Bent Probe probe_bent 0.25 2 5 0.25
Apprentice's Probe probe_apprentice_01 1.00 10 25 0.50
Journeyman's Probe probe_journeyman_01 0.25 50 25 0.75
Master's Probe probe_master 0.25 100 25 1.00
Grandmaster's Probe probe_grandmaster 0.25 500 25 1.50
  • Note: Increasing the quality of the items, means there is a higher chance that the item will work.


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