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Processus Vitellius

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Processus Vitellius was a former Census and Excise governor in Seyda Neen.


Processus Vitellius' body can be found to the northwest of Seyda Neen, hidden in some bushes around a group of Kwama. Before his death, he was in a relationship with a Dunmer commoner named Thavere Vedrano, who lives in the lighthouse in Seyda Neen. He was not well-liked by the townsfolk because of his constant pestering of the villagers for their hard-earned money. Processus eventually got into an argument with a Dunmer commoner, Foryn Gilnith. Foryn murdered the tax collector and left his body outside the town.

Location Processus Vitellius

Local and World Map location of the body of Processus Vitellius.


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  • His name may be an ironic reference to the verb to process, since he is found dead and thus not processing.


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