Umbiel Infernal City
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"The wind had already fallen like a dead thing from the sky, gasping as it succumbed upon the iron swells, breathing its last to his mariner's ears The sky always knew first; the sea was slow — dreadful slow — to come around."
―The Sea grows suspiciously silent...[src]

The Prologue of An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City is the beginning of the story, and it foreshadows the climax of the book. The Prologue lasts for four pages, from Page 3 to Page 6.

Plot SummaryEdit

Out in Deep WatersEdit

The story begins with Captain Iffech feeling the sea shudder. He senses a disturbance in the wind current, the wind dies out, and the sea becomes dreadfully slow. The sea shakes again, and it causes Keem to fall off the Crow's Nest, he was able to catch the rigging with his claws. Grayne felt the tremor and questioned if it was a Tsunami. Iffech then dismisses the theory by providing examples from the past. When he was near the Summerset Isles and Morrowind, the sea tried to swallow him, and he felt the Tsunami's movements. He then says that in deep water, you do not feel anything like these shudders, they were in deep waters. Soon, Iffech sees a massive thunderstorm that shrouded the area in blackness and stricken the sea with green lightning. He then saw a huge thunderhead appearing in the black clouds.[1]

A third tremor came, and it was forty times louder than before & a large gust of wind broke down the Crow's Nest, killing Keem in the process. The roaring thunder drowned out any other noises that could have been happening. Iffech began to realize that some of the crew members and parts of the ship are gone. Iffech starts to think it's the work of the Daedra and Grayne reminisces about the Oblivion Crisis and the Oblivion Gate that opened up in Leyawiin. Iffech then notices that the thunderhead was shaped like a large cone as an island ripped from the ground. The fourth gust of wind came with a terrible stench that incapacitated them and sealed their fate.[2]