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Prophecy is a keyword in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Whenever one of your Runes break, you draw a card, and if the card you drew has prophecy you play it for free. [1]

Cards with ProphecyEdit

Adoring Fan (Legends)
Blacksap Protector (Legends)
Burning Light (Legends)
Camlorn Sentinel (Legends)
Cast Out (Legends)
Cloudrest Illusionist (Legends)
Dark Harvester (Legends)
Fate Weaver (Legends)
Fharun Defender (Legends)
Fighters Guild Recruit (Legends)
Grahtwood Ambusher (Legends)
Graystone Ravager (Legends)
Loyal Housecarl (Legends)
Lurking Mummy (Legends)
Moonlight Werebat (Legends)
Portcullis (Legends)
Priest of the Moons (Legends)
Sharpshooter Scout (Legends)
Shrieking Harpy (Legends)
Sparking Spider (Legends)
Spider Offspring (Legends)
Twilight Werebat (Legends)
Tyr (Card)

Related CardsEdit

Fate Weaver (Legends)


  1. Luis Scott-Vargas May 17, 2016. The Elder Scrolls Legends.A Prophecy Unfolds

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