A propylon index

A Propylon Index is a type of item in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Propylon indices allow the Nerevarine to teleport between the propylon chambers at all Dunmer Strongholds except Kogoruhn. In order to teleport to any one stronghold, the Nerevarine must possess the corresponding propylon index. There are ten propylon indices that can be found scattered throughout Vvardenfell. With the Master Index plug-in installed, an eleventh propylon index is added that links all propylon chambers to the Mages Guild hall in Caldera.

Propylon indicesEdit

Name Links Location Weight WeightIcon Value GoldIcon Item ID
Andasreth Propylon Index Andasreth to
Hlormaren and Berandas
Hlormaren 2.00 500 index_andra
Berandas Propylon Index Berandas to
Andasreth and Falasmaryon
Arvs-Drelen 2.00 500 index_beran
Falasmaryon Propylon Index Falasmaryon to
Berandas and Valenvaryon
Maar Gan Shrine 2.00 500 index_falas
Falensarano Propylon Index Falensarano to
Indoranyon and Telasero
Maelkashishi 2.00 500 index_falen
Hlormaren Propylon Index Hlormaren to
Andasreth and Marandus
Irgola: Pawnbroker 2.00 500 index_hlor
Indoranyon Propylon Index Indoranyon to
Falensarano and Rotheran
Hall of Fyr 2.00 500 index_indo
Marandus Propylon Index Marandus to
Hlormaren and Telasero
St. Olms Temple 2.00 500 index_maran
Rotheran Propylon Index Rotheran to
Indoranyon and Valenvaryon
Rotheran 2.00 500 index_roth
Telasero Propylon Index Telasero to
Falensarano and Marandus
Telasero 2.00 500 index_telas
Valenvaryon Propylon Index Valenvaryon to
Falasmaryon and Rotheran
Urshilaku Wise Woman's Yurt 2.00 500 index_valen
Master Propylon IndexAll Propylon Chambers to the Caldera Mages Guild Given by Folms Mirel at the Caldera Mages Guild. 3.00 2000 index_master

† Requires the Master Index official plug-in.


Master IndexEdit

Talk to Folms Mirel about the topic, 'work'. He will request that the Nerevarine find all 10 propylon indices and bring them to him. He will offer the master propylon index as a reward.


  • With the Master Index plug-in installed, the value of the Valenvaryon propylon index is reduced to 25 GoldIcon.